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  Alacrity Camera by J. Fallowfield

The Alacrity Camera was manufactured by Jonathan Fallowfield in circa 1900. Advertised as the century surprise, an unapproachable value. Constructed of solid Mahogany, highly polished with a leather bellows. Features a double extension long focus bellows adjusted by rack and pinion gearing. Fitted with a rapid rectilinear lens with iris diaphragm and a roller blind tine and instantaneous shutter. A Thornton-Pickard time and instantaneous shutter was optional. A built-in turntable is part of the camera and a three fold tripod stand accompanies it with the sale of the camera. Made in half-plate, whole plate, 8 x 10 inch and 12 x 10 inch size. Priced from 75/- to 136/-

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