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  Foldex 20 Camera

The Foldex 20 camera was manufactured by the Pho-tak Corporation from 1948 to 1960. It was constructed of all metal with artificial leather covering. Similar to the Foldex I with a slight change to the view finder housing being more streamlined. The camera took eight, 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch exposures on standard no. 120 or no. 620 color or black and white roll film. It was fitted with an f11 Octvar 105mm fix focus meniscus lens and a Pho-tak time and snap shot shutter working at 1/50th of a second speed. The Foldex camera measures 6 x 3 3/4 x 1 3/8 inches when closed and weighs about 1 lb. 8 oz.. Originally priced at $14.95 to $16.75.

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