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  Adams & Westlake Co. History

The Adams & Westlake company was founded in 1857 in Chicago, Illinois. It was located at 110 Ontario Street, chicago. The company originally began manufacturing and selling railroad supplies and hardware. However, by 1897 they were a diversified world manufacturing leader. The company not only manufactured train supplies like the Adlake acetylene car lighting system, but also the popular Adlake & Alaska Bicycles, the Monarch oil stoves and a line of American brass beds.

In 1896 the company began acquiring several patents from two sources, Englishmen Harry and Charles Gamwell located in Liverpool and J. A. Mosher of Chicago, Illinios. Mosher assigned Photographic camera patent 598,804 and Magazine camera patent 599,188 to the Adams & Westlake Co. The Gamwell's assigned photographic camera patent 598,701 and 598,738.

In 1897 the company introduced the Adlake camera Regular, then the Special and finally the Repeater. The cameras were very successful and continued into the 1920s.

In 1927, the Adams & Westlake company relocated to its present site in Elkhart, Indiana. The company remains there today as a successful manufacturing enterprise.

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