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  Conley Camera Company History

In February 1898, Kerry E. Conley and Frederick V. Conley Patented their introductory Magazine Camera with patent no. 599,314.

In 1899, the Conley Camera Company was founded by the two Conley brothers Kerry and Frederick. The Conley Camera Company was originally located at 510 Main st., Spring Valley, MN.

In 1903, Sears Roebuck and Company contracted the Conley Camera Company to manufacture its cameras.

In 1904, Conley moved to 14 W College St, Rochester, MN. Allowing the Conley's to advertise that their camera's were made from Rochester, but not noting the Minnesota differentiation. Since Rochester, New York was the center of camera manufacturing and carried a branding perception for quality and innovation with the public. The Conley leveraged this to their advantage.

In 1908, Sears declared that all cameras sold in sears would carry the Conley brand name replacing the familiar Seroco camera brand. The Seroco brand is believed to be derived from combination of sears name from SEars ROebuck & CO, but were produced mainly by the Rochester Optical Company.

Around 1924, the Conley Camera Company was essentially out of business, however Sears Roebuck and Company continued to use the Conley name.

A product list of the Conley Cameras can be found here.

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