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  Sunart Photo Company Product Listing

The Sunart Photo Company was founded in 1893 at 1 Aqueduct Street, in Rochester New York, and it continued in that location until 1899. They made a novel magazine camera, but it was not particularly successful.

In 1898 it offered 28 different folding and magazine cameras in the price range from 5 $ to 100 $. The $5 Sunart Jr. camera of 1897 was a very small magazine camera for twelve 3x3 inch glass plates. Sunart advertised its cameras as "So simple a child can operate it".

in 1899 its assets were acquired by a vigorous group of men who were establishing the Seneca Camera Company at 248 Mill Street. The new company was incorporated in 1900 with a capital of $25,000. The first officers were Frank T. Day, a superintendent at Kodak Camera Works, president; William C. Whitlock, vice-president; and Lorin E. Mason, a hardware merchant at 348 State Street, secretary and treasurer. The new company quickly became established as one of the most successful camera manufacturers in the country. [ History by Rudoplh Kingslake ]

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Sunart Box Camera
Sunart Junior Box Camera

Sunart Vici Magazine Camera

Sunart Veni Folding Camera
Sunart Vidi Folding Camera
Sunart Vici Folding Camera

Cycle Vivi No. 1
Cycle Vici No. 2

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