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Gundlach Optical Company

in 1876 Ernst Gundlach emigrated from Germany to the U.S. were he founded the microscope department of the Bausch & Lomb company. With Gundlaches assistance, Bausch & Lomb won a gold medal for its...(read more)

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Marvel Petite
Ideal Petit
Korona Compact View
Korona Panoramic
Korona Petite
Royal Petit
Korona Royal
Korona Series 1
Korona Series II
Korona Series IIB (Special)
Korona Series III
Korona Series IV
Korona Series V
Korona Series VI
Korona Series VII
Korona Series VIII
Korona Series X
Korona View
Stereo Korona
Series VII Stereo Korona

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