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  Globe Series C Folding Camera

The Globe Series C Folding Camera was sold through independent retailers like Jas. H. Smith of Chicago and A.S. Aloe company of St. Louis. It was manufactured by the Manhattan Optical company for retail by other photographic shops. Designed as a high end camera, made of first grade Honduras mahogany highly polished and covered in first quality rough grain leather with leather handle. Featuring the finest ground Jena glass rapid rectilinear lenses with up-to-date shutters and iris diaphragms, providing exposure speed from one one-hundredth of a second to one twenty-fifth of a second. The shutter also had time and bulb movement. It also featured a double swing back, rack and pinion focusing, rising, falling and sliding front, spring actuated ground glass, optional use of a roll holder, and a reversible finder. It was made in three sizes, a 4 x 5 inch selling for $25.00, a 5 x 7 inch selling for $35.00 and a 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch selling for $45.00.

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