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  Stereflectoscop Camera by Voigtlander

The Stereofectoskop line of cameras were manufactured by Voigtlander & Sohns AG from approximately 1914 to 1937. Designed as a modern Stereo-reflex camera with three lenses and made in two sizes, 45 x 107mm and 6 x 13 cm. Through out the years of manufacture several variations and features were added or changed. Working as a true reflex, the viewing image was available to see in the top focusing screen up to the moment of exposure. I was originally fitted with Heliar lens for both the taking and viewing lens. The shutter was a Compur with speeds up to 1/250th of a second. It was made of metal and covered in leather. Other features included a rack and pinion focusing screen with engraved scale, special reflex focusing screen with sunck spirit level protected by a self-erecting metal hood with focusing magnifier, and an all metal changing box for twelve ordinary or eight color plates with plate indicator. The 45 x 107mm was retail priced at $125 and the 6x13cm was priced at $150.

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