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  Multiscope & Film Company

The Multiscope & Film Co. was founded in 1896 in a loft at 43 Peck court in the newly formed city of Burlington Wisconson by William N. Selig. Selig was a involved in various business from being a Magician to development of a motion picture camera. The company was based on the Al Vista camera patent obtained by Peter N. Angsten and Charles H. Gesbeck On 8 September, 1896. The camera introduced to the public in 1897 featured a rotating lens exposing roll film stretched on a 180 degree arc. The Al Vista camera proved to be the first successfully produced commercial panoramic camera made in quantity.

In 1900 the Multiscope & Film Co. company was listed to employ twenty five employees.

Also in 1900 the Hinton & Co. of 38 Bedford street London introduced the Al Vista to the European market.

In 1908 the company was bought by Verstraete-Fyfe. It was located south of Jefferson Street west of the railroad tracks.

In 1909 the building burned.

In 1910 the Chicago based Multiscope & Film Co. name was changed to the Partee Photo Supply Company, after the secretary and treasurer of the old, as well as the new firm. The new firm was located at 1223-25-27 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. The manufacture of the famous Al-Vista Cameras were continued and its well known high qualities strictly maintained. Additionally the Fargo, North Dakota Branch was sold to the The Northern Photo Supply Co., of Minneapolis, Minn. which also continued to carry the Al Vista cameras including its own line of photo supplies.

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