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Bertram Kamera

The Bertram camera was manufactured by the Ernst & Wilheim Bertram company of Munich, Germany from 1951 to 1954. This was a precision press type camera designed for interchangeable rollbacks, including a 35mm back. It took 6 x 9 cm and 6 x 6 cm exposures on either plates, sheet film or roll films. It was fitted with several interchangeable bayonet mounted lens which were all automatically coupled to the rangefinder, including a Xenar f3.5/75mm, Xenar f4.5/105mm, and a Tele-Xenar f5.5 / 180mm. It was fitted with a synchro compur shutter providing speeds from 1 to 1/400th of a second. This camera also featured rack and pinion adjustment, removable view finder synchoronized to the lens used, and a side grip handle.

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