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  Daydark Specialty Company

In 1907 The Daydark Specialty Company was established at 1004 St. Ange Ave, Saint Louis Mo.. With the approval by the US postal service that post cards may contain a photo on one side and the increasing interest in instantaneous images the business opportunity arose for individuals to capture on the spot photos, especially at vacation destinations.

Daydark was a leading manufacturer of Street cameras. The Cameras contained all the necessary equipment and chemicals to produce an image in less than one minute. The company enticed street vendors to buy the camera and be their own boss. Use would afford an individual the opportunity to obtain high profits, as much as 500% profit on work sold.

In 1910 the company is listed at 457 Temple Bldg. St. Louis, Mo.

In 1912 the company is listed at 1810 Cass Ave, St. Louis Mo. and at Dominion Daydark Specialty Co. at 246 Vicotria St. Toronto , Canada.

in 1915 the Daydark company copyrighted the phrase - be your own boss (23699 )

In 1942 the Daydark company is listed at 2828 Benton Street, St. Louis, Mo..

1908 to 1942 various ads and brochures.
1910 Daydark Catalogue
1915 Catalog of Copyright Entries.

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