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  Houghton Ltd.: Ensignette Camera

Manufacture: Houghton Ltd.
Location: London, England
Model: Ensignette Camera
Category: Folding Camera
Production Dates: 1900-1920
Film: Plates
Accessories: N/A

Description: The ensignette is a vest pocket camera built on a new plan. It is new in size, shape and construction. the Ensignette is built of metal throughout, opens smoothly and instantly, and is the ideal camera for constant use. Attractive little picture are produced that do not necessarily need enlarging to be interesting.

When closed the Esignette measures 3 7/8 x 1 7/8 inches, and is only 1 inch in thickness. It opens and lockes in position for exposure by one simple movement. it is the only really small folding camera that is self contained, and will go into the waistcoat pocket, and it is thinner than any camera in existence. The ensignette is loaded and unloaded in daylightwith special six-exposure ensign roll films.

the Ensignette is fitted with an achromatic meniscus lens and adjustable diaphragm openings f/11, f16, and f/22. It has an everset instantaneous shuter, with a large and easily contrlled release lever. time exposures can slso be given and the camera will stand easily on a level surface for either oblong or upright pictures. There is a brilliant view finder, a winding key for changing the film and an indicator window.

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