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  Companion No. 2 Camera by Perry Mason

The Companion No. 2 camera was sold by Perry Mason & Company from approximately 1890 to 1895. It was constructed of highly polished mahogany with metal work finely finished and lacquered. It featured a rising front, single swing, front focus, double rack and ;ion movement, patented adjustable spring actuated ground glass, and hinged front bed. The outfit was fitted with a Achromatic lens with a revolving diaphragm. It was capable of capturing 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inch exposures on glass plates. The outfit included a carrying case, a folding tripod, dry plates, sensitized paper, trays, printing frame, card mounts, focusing cloth, glass graduate, complete set of chemicals, ruby lantern and a book of instructions. The Champion No. 2 Companion camera was priced at $15.00 in 1890. It was also available to Companion Magazine subscribers who referred five new subscribers and paid an additional $8.00.

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