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  American Camera Manufacturing Company History

In 1893 the Blair company experienced losses of important patent suits to Eastman, and arguments among the financiers of the company led to Blair's removal from management. Thomas Blair moved to London England and established the European Blair Camera Company, with offices in Holborn and manufacturing facilities in Foot's Cray, Kent.

Thomas Blair then went on to establish the American Camera Manufacturing company in 1895, located at Northborough, Massachusetts. He remained associated with the Blair Camera company in which he founded in 1881.

The company sold a small line of Buckeye labeled cameras, and resold specially labeled Rochester Camera Mfg. Co. Poco cameras.

By the beginning of 1897, George Eastman was the majority stock holder of the American Camera Manufacturing Company and on March 4, 1898 a deal was established with Thomas Blair for the sale of the Company to Eastman.

in 1899 Eastman moved the company from Massachusetts to Rochester, New York and continued using the American Camera Manufacturing label.

In approximately 1904 the name was no longer used.

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