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  Perfex One-O-Two

The Perfex One-O-Two was manufactured by the Candid Camera Corporation of America company from 1948 to 1950. The camera body was constructed of stamped aluminum instead of die cast and covered in black leatherette, with chrome metal trim. Previous models cloth focal plane shutter was replaced with a more reliable Wollensak Synchro-Alphax leaf shutter providing speeds fro 1/25 to 1/150 of a second or Compur-Rapid shutter. It was fitted with either a Wollesak f3.5, Wollensak f4.5 or a Xenon f2 lens and has even been found with a Kodak Ektar f3.5 lens. Other features included a built-in flash synchonizer, interchangeable threaded lens mount. Priced at $39.50 or the Wollensak F3.5 lens and $49.50 with the Wollensak f4.5 lens.

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