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  Houghton Ltd.: Tropical Victo Camera

anufacture: Houghton Ltd.
Location: London, England
Model: Tropical Victo Camera
Category: View Camera
Item No.:
Production Dates: 1900-1920
Film: Plates
Accessories: N/A

Description: The tropical victo is specially built for colonial use, in selected teak, a wood renowned for its great damp and heat resisting properites. all the corners of the framework are toungued and grooved, and a brass dowel pin is driven through the tongues in order to give an alternative support in the event of the glue perishing under extreme climate conditions. the belllow which are of varnished lether, are joined to the back frame by a metal plate, so that there is not possibility of them coming away from the woodwork if the camera gets wet. Every part of the camera on which there is likely to be any strain is toungued and bound with brass. comes in 1/2 plate and full plate size.

Reference for: 1909
Available Lens
-Beck Symmetrical Lens
-Ensign Symmetrical Lens
-Bush Symmetrical Lens
-Aldis Anastigmat Lens
-Aldis Anastigmat Lens

# 185
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