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Coronet 3D Camera

The Coronet 3D camera was manufactured by the Coronet Camera Company in circa 1954. A uniquely designed 3D camera advertised as two cameras in one, able to take stereoscopic pics or ordinary snap shot prints on standard number 127 roll film. It was constructed of plastic bakelite with a built-in binocular viewer. The camera was made without and with a synchronized flash feature. A few variations in the body style was also made, including an early ribbed black body, a smooth black body and a speckled color body. This camera would take 4 stereo pair exposures, or a lever on the side allowed for blocking out the no. 1 lens and taking 8 single non-stereo exposures. The non-flash model was priced at 54s 4d and the Synchronized flash model was priced at 58s 4d.

Photo Courtesy of John Kratz - © Some Rights Reserved

Photo Courtesy of OZBOX - © All Rights Reserved

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