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The Speed-O-Matic Camera was made by the Speed-O-Matic Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts, in circa 1948. Advertised as being able to Snap, Develop and Print pictures on the spot in only 10 minutes. This snap shot camera was constructed of bakelite plastic with a built-in view finder and a metal faceplate . Fitted with a meniscus lens and a simple single speed instantaneous shutter. It was capable of capturing 3 x 2 inch photos on a special film pack. The photo development was not necessarily instant. An exposure was taken and the film pack could be flipped to take a second exposure. Once taken the two individual exposed film sheets in the film pack had to be removed and processed in an external tank filled with four chemicals. Mail order Priced at $12.95 and $1.00 for each film pack ordered, which contained twelve sheets.

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