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  Clix Supreme Camera

The Clix Master camera was sold by the Metropolitan Industries company of Chicago Illinois, in circa 1948. It was designed so that a beginner could take good pictures from the start. It was a simple streamline minicam type camera constructed of black bakelite, with a decorative faceplate and a built-in polished optical view finder. It featured a coated meniscus lens which was credited for its ability to take good pictures due to its specially developed process. A long neck on the lens provided improved field of focus. The lens was accompanied by an instantaneous and time shutter. A chrome sun shade was included with the camera to eliminate glare. This camera captured twelve 1 5/8 x 1 5/8 inch exposures on black & white or color number 127 roll film, producing 4 x 5 inch photos. Originally priced at #3.98 and the optional leather case was only 0.75 cents.

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