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  JEM Jr. 120 Girl Scout by J.E. Mergott

Photo Courtesy of Jake - © All Rights Reserved

The JEM Jr. Girl Scout camera was manufactured in circa 1940s by the J.E. Mergott company of Newark, New Jersey. It was specifically designed for the Girl Scouts of America. It was similar to the original JEM jr., where it did not have a synchronized flash capability. Designed as a simple snap shot camera, it was capable of capturing eight 6 x 9 cm exposures on number 120 roll film. It was entirely made of sheet metal held together with rivets, spot weld, or press fit. This camera featured a fixed focus f16 meniscus lens, a simple shutter providing timed and snap-shot exposures at a single speed of 1/25th of a second, two large view finders and an easily removed front cover for lens cleaning.

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