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  J.H. Lamson - Photographer

One of the oldest photographers of Maine, Joseph Harry Lamson was born on July 23, 1853 to a Daguerreotype maker and an artistic mother. From birth and early childhood he was trained in photographic and artistic skills.

Mr. Lamson started his first photographic business in Bangor, Maine. Shortly thereafter at the age of twenty-one He traveled to Cuba, where he engaged in a photographic business with great success. He also traveled to the west indies and South America continuing his business practice which proved to be quite profitable.

Lamson returned with his saved earnings and invested in a photography studio in Philadelphia. His success continued, but upon a visit to his brother in Portland, Maine he was amazed by the natural beauty and decided to move to Portland and so he sold his photography business to Gutekunst.

In 1884 he developed health problems and he moved to California, where he engaged in business for about six years, part of this time he was associated with photographer Steekle. His good fortune came to an end where he lost his accumulations of a life time. With this down turn, he returned to Portland where his reputation was well established.

J.H. Lamson photographed many prominent men of the country and his portraits of poets Longfellow and Whittier are of the best made.

In 1901 the gallery was incorporated with increased capital placed in it. His two sons , J. Harry Jr. and Frank were now active in day to day affairs and continued the business well after their fathers passing.

Mr. J. H. Lamson died Mar. 17, 1902

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