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  Herbert George / Imperial Camera Co.

The Herbert George Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Herbert Weil and George Israel in 1945. The Imperial and Herco brand names proved to be popular. The George Herbert company pioneered the introduction of the all in one camera featuring built-in flash and view finders, and was one of the first to offer multiple colored camera. In 1961 with a change of ownership, the company was renamed to the Imperial Camera Corp.

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620 Cub Scouts
620 Girl Scouts
Adventurer 620
Cubex IV
Cubex IV - Boy Scouts of America
Donald Duck
Herco Imperial 620
Imperial 127 Reflex Flash
Imperial Cinex
Imperial Debonair
Imperial Debonair Cub Scouts
Imperial Delta
Imperial Deluxe Twin Lens Reflex
Imperial Lark
Imperial Mark 27
Imperial Mark XII
Imperial Mark XII Boy Scouts
Imperial Mark XII Girl Scouts
Imperial Six-Twenty
Imperial Reflex 620
Imperial Satellite 127
Imperial Satellite II
Insta-cube 126
Instatant Load 900
Mark II Savoy
official 3-Way Camera - Boys scouts
Official Camera Boy Scouts of America 127
Official Camera Girl Scouts of America 127
Roy Rogers and trigger 620
Sabre 620

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