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  Charles H. Codman

Charles H. Codman was a senior partner of the successful Photographic Supply house C. H. Codman & Co., located at 34 Bromfield Street, Boston, Massachusetts. He was born in Boston on November 29th, 1829, at the family residence, Williams Court. He is recorded to have a younger brother James M. Codman. A considerable portion of his boyhood and early youth was spent at Brook Farm.

At an early age, Charles learned the printing business. Having learned printing skills he then accepted a position as cashier in the Protective Union Store, which seemed to him to offer greater inducements than printing. From that position then moved on to work at the house of John Sawyer & Co., dealers in photographic materials, in Boston, filling the position of bookkeeper. Mr. Sawyer sold his business to Geo. S. Bryant, who formed a co-partnership with Charles Codman under the firm name of Geo. S. Bryant & Co. After some time Bryant retired, and the firm was in turn succeeded by Mr. Codman, with his associates, Messrs. W. H. Robey and M. A. Horgan. both salesmen. Charles renamed the business to C. H. Codman & Co..

In October, 1865, Charles Codman married Miss Abbey Temple, and had one son in 1872. The resided in Neponset, Mass. for more than thirty years.

On September 17th, 1883 at about 10 o'clock am. a carboy of nitric acid was accidentally broken in the store, and the compound spread over the floor with great rapidity, causing a fire. The firemen, several of the workmen and Mr. Codman had their clothes burned, and the fumes of the acid were so stifling. Mr. Codman inhaled a large quantity of the smoke, and, by the following day Charles H. Codman died at this residence from the inhalation of the poisonous fumes at the age of fifty four.

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