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  "Chicago Common" Camera Company Listing

Below is a Listing of Chicago Camera Companies selling similarly constructed and designed bakelite miniature cameras under different company names from approximately 1939 through the 1950s. The basis of these cameras is hypothesized that they all have all evolved from Jack Galters early camera design patents of 1939 and 1940, and a common manufacturing process, if not a common manufacturing facility provided retailers, marketers and start up business custom name plates and minor design options for sale to the public.

ACRO Scientific Products
Adams Camera Company
American Camera Corp
Altheimer and Baer Inc.
Barry Products Co.
Bernard Products
The Camera Man
Consolidated Industries
Craftsman Sales Co.
Drexel Camera Co.
Elgin Laboratories
Falcon Camera Co.
Five Star Camera Co.
Flash Camera Co.
Galter Products Co.
General Products Co.
Herold Mfg. Co.
King Sales Co.
Lee Industries
Mar-Crest Mfg. Corp.
The March Corp.
Marvel Products
Metropolitan Industries
Monroe Sales
National Silver
North American Mfg. Co.
Photo Laboratories
Rolls Camera Mfg. Co.
Seymour Products or Sales Co.
H. E. Shaw & Co
Spartus Camera Corp.
Spencer Co.
Stan-Test Corp.
Utility Mfg. Co.
Waldorf Camera Co.
Wholesale Photo Supply
Wittie Mfg. & Sales Co.

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Reference :
Camera Wiki - List and Article on the Chicago Cluster

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