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Jozef Franaszek

By Krzysztof Slowinski

In the year 1873 Jozef Franaszek (1840 - 1916), a man coming from a noble family and an independency insurgent of so-called January Uprising (1863 - 1864, against Russian Empire Army occupation),

Illustration 1 [shows the Franaszek family tomb]
Illustration no. 11[shows Jozef Franaszek bas relief portrait]

bought from A. Vetter in Warsaw a factory producing various types and colors of paper - packing paper, tissue paper, wallpaper, blotting paper etc. The factory was founded in 1829 by the company Sporlin & Rehan and located in Warsaw at the corner of Marszalkowska and Zlota streets. It was in 1910 modernized by J. Franaszek and moved to a new building at ul. Wolska (Wolska St.) and renamed to Towarzystwo Akcyjne Fabryki Obic Papierowych i Papierow Kolorowych.

Illustration no. 7 [shows original letter (bill) of 1915 on the factory's stationery]
Illustration no. 2 [shows graphic representation of aerial view of Franaszek factory]

After Jozef's death the factory was taken up and managed by his son Stanislaw Franaszek (1872 - 1933) who modernized and developed it so that the rate of employment reached the level of 290 workers.

His successors, brothers Jerzy (-1943) and Kazimierz Franaszek (1902 - 1944) decided to introduce new products based on their gained experience and current market analysis - photographic papers, plates and films. Preparations to realize the task were begun in 1936. It took about two years to complete the works. The efforts were crowned in 1938 with opening the biggest and most modern paper factory in Poland.

Illustration no. 3 [shows paper base preparation department]
Illustration no. 4 [shows sensitometric control department]

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