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Reinhold Thiele

Born in 1856 in Hamelin, Germany, Karl August Reinhold Thiele received his education in his hometown. After college, he relocated to Hanover (or Hannover), where he served an apprenticeship with daguerreotypist, portrait painter, and master composite printer Friedrich Karl Wunder. Here, Mr. Thiele gained considerable lithographic expertise and learned a great deal about composition photography, which he would later apply in his own portrait studio. In 1878, he moved to London to join the firm of William Henry Prestwich until health reasons prompted a return to Germany, where he worked for crippled Viennese refugee photographer F. Plate in Hamburg.

Returning to London in 1880, Mr. Thiele became a colorist and later an operator at George Swan Nottage's London Stereoscopic Company. Along with fellow staff photographer William England, Mr. Thiele traveled to various locales photographing views and subjects that were then reproduced commercially. Mr. Thiele was one of the earliest photojournalists, and his photograph of the Tower Bridge opening in 1894 serves as an impressive example.

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