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  Conway Deluxe Camera

The Conway Deluxe camera was is believed to be manufactured by the Standard Camera Ltd. company of Birmingham, England in circa 1955. However some models have a coro-flash synchronized flash feature which was manufactured by the Coronet camera company, further establishing the two companies relationship. The Conway Deluxe, similar to the coronet box cameras, was a simple box camera designed to capture 6 x 9 cm exposures on number 120 roll film. It was constructed of card body on a metal frame with a decorative metal front plate. It featured hinged chromed view finder covers, two brilliant finders for horizontal or vertical photos, a built in retractable color filter, a fixed focus meniscus lens, a setting for photo distances from 4 to 9 Ft (1-3 m)and 10 Ft. to infinity, and a simple time and instantaneous exposure shutter.

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