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  Argus Camera Company

The beginnings of Argus Camera Company are rooted with the establishment of the International Radio Corporation (IRC), founded in 1931 by Charles Verschoor. The business was ... (read more)

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Argoflex 40 (Fourty)
Argoflex 75 (Seventy-five)
Argoflex E
Argoflex EF
Argoflex EM (Argoflex II)
Argus 127
Argus 19
Argus 21 (Markfinder)
Argus 40
Argus 75
Argus A
Argus A2 (A2B)
Argus A21
Argus A2F
Argus A3
Argus A4 (a-four)
Argus AA (ArgoFlash)
Argus AF
Argus B Collection
Argus C
Argus C2
Argus C20 (C-Twenty)
Argus C3
Argus C3 Matchmatic
Argus C33
Argus C4
Argus C4 R
Argus C44
Argus C44 R
Argus Carefree
Argus CC (ColorCamera)
Argus CR 1
Argus CR 2
Argus CR 3E
Argus FA
Argus Golden Shield
Argus Instant Load 164
Argus Instant Load 270
Argus Instant Load 364
Argus Instant Load 374
Argus K
Argus M
Argus M 3 Cinetronic
Argus M 3 Matchmatic
Argus SLR
Argus Super Seventy-five
Argus V-100
Automatic 35
Automatic 8
Autronic 35
Autronic C3
Autronic I
Autronic II
Camro 28
Delco 828
EC 2000 (Argus/Cosina)
Flash Sensor 235x
Lady Carefree
M3 Matchmatic
Minca 28
Minca C2
Showmaster 822
Solid State Electronic
STL (Argus, Cosina)
STL 1000
STL 1000 (Argus, Cosina)
Tele- 600


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