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  Burke & James Camera Listing

In 1897 The Burke & James company was founded, in Chicago Illinois, by Henry Burke and David James. The company was established as a manufacturer of ... (read more)

Aerial Camera K 20
Columbia 35
Cub 2A
Cub 3
Cub 3A
Grover Photo
Ingento 3A (Model 3)
Ingento Junior 1A
Ingento Junior 3A
Panoram 120
Press Camera
Rembrandt Portrait (Model I)
Rembrandt Portrait (Model II)
Rexo 1A
Rexo 1A Junior
Rexo 1A Junior Special
Rexo 1A Special
Rexo 2C Junior
Rexo 2C Junior Special
Rexo 3
Rexo 3 Junior
Rexo 3 Junior Special
Rexo 3 Special
Rexo 3A
Rexo 3A Junior
Rexo 3A Junior Special
Rexo 3A Special
Rexo Box
Rexoette 2
Rexoette 2A
Rexoette 2C
Rexoette 3
Rexoette 3A
Royal Panoram
Vest Pocket Rexo
View Camera
Watson Press
Watson-Holmes Fingerprint
Weston Speed Camera

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