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  Photo-Revolver de Poche by E. Enjalbert

The Photo-Revolver de Poche was invented by E. Enjalbert in Montpellier, France and constructed from 1882-1892. The camera was designed to look and operate like a handgun. The gun cylinder held ten 16 x 16mm dry plates. The image was taken just as if you were shooting a pistol, aim via a sight located on the top of the barrel and pull the trigger which instantaneously exposed the plate. The action of pulling the trigger back allowed the cylinder to be rotated for the next shot. The barrel housed a periscopic 70mm f/10 lens. The Photo-Revolver camera was nickel plated with wood handles just a like a pistol. Due to its inherent hostile appearance and possible misleading interpretation that the photographer was actually trying to kill someone instead of the harmless act of taking a photograph, this placed the photographer at times in jeopardy and so the Photo-Revolver did not fair well on editorial reviews or on the market. It has been reported that only 6 cameras are known to exist, with several replica's existing.

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