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  Lundelius Camera Company

The Lundelius Camera Company of Port Jervis, NY., was incorporated in 1895 to sell cameras and other photographers supplies and specialties with a capital of $35,000. The directors were Theodore Ludlum, Augustus Lundelius, Albert T. Porter, William E. Scott, Emmett Vansickle, Phillip G Wagner, and William Parshall. The company was based on A. Lundelius's US Patent no. 534,115 describing a novel magazine camera, similar to the hetherington magazine camera but simpler in design. A side note of interest, are reports that of Mr. Lundeius's daughter Stella had the ability to overcome the law of gravity, as to make it easy for any person to remove heavy articles of furniture. She was said to exhibit a high degree of magnetism. The Lundelius Camera Company was in business for a brief time.

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Lundelius Magazine Camera

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