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  Simda Panorascope 3D Camera

The Panorascope 3D camera was designed and manufactured by the Simda Company of Le Perreux, France in circa 1955. The camera was a well made stereo camera capable of capturing 120 Stereoscopic picture pairs of 10 x 20 mm or 240 normal photographic pictures 12 x 20mm in size on a 7.5m (25ft) reel of 16mm film. It was made in two versions. The first version was fitted with two Microcolor Roussel f3.5, 25mm lenses with shutter speeds from 1 to 1/250 of a second. The second version was fitted with two Angenieux f3.5 25mm lenses and was finished in two tone grey. The camera featured a folding direct view finder in addition to a built in optical view finder, flash synchronization, an exposure counter. The camera was sold with a stereoscopic viewer, leather strap and instructions. The camera measures 120 x 130 x 60mm and weighs 990 grams.

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