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  Gem Dry Plate Company

The Gem Dry Plate Company Ltd., was established in 1895 at Willesden Green, N. W. for the sole purpose of making dry plates. The company was managed by T.E.H. Bullen. Previous to this position, Mr. Bullen was a partner with Leon Warneke in 1881 and the business manager of the Imperial Dry Plate company, of Cricklewood.

In 1902 Photographic paper was added to the product line followed by the "Gem" Colour plate for three colour process works. Mr. T. Thorne Baker was the company chemist during this period.

In 1912 the Gem Dry Plate Company Ltd. was acquired by the Imperial Dry Plate company. It was approximately during this period that the company relocated to Cricklewood, London, N.W. 2.

In 1929 Ilford limited acquired several companies including, the Imperial Dry Plate Co. Ltd., This Illingworth & Co. Ltd., Wellinton & Ward Ltd., selo Ltd., and the Gem Dry Plate Co. Ltd..

The company ceased operations in approximately 1932.

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