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  Theodor Horydczak

Theodor Horydczak was born in in Poland in 1889. Little is know about his early child hood. It is believed that his photography career started in world war 1 where he was a member of the U.S.Army Signal Corps. From the 1920s to about 1960, Horydczak specialized in black and white images of architecture and social activities while living in the Washington DC area. He is noted for architectural images, both exterior and interior of the nations capital, and social events like the 1933 world series. His images were used in post cards and reporting. Horydczak photographic collection is part of the Library of Congresses permanent collects and exceeds 14,000 images. Although Hordczak tried to sell the images to the library during his life, it was only after he died that the library accepted a donation from the family. Theodor Horydczak died in 1971 in Montgomery Pennsylvania leaving behind his wife Fredrica and an only daughter Norma.


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