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D. H Cussons & Company

In 1864 D.H. Cussons read a letter entitled the "French Pharmacy" to the Leeds Chemists' Association based on his personal experience of holding the post of manager of the English department of a pharmacy in Paris.

D. H Cussons & Company is believed to have been established in approximately 1866 in Southport, Lancashire, originally for the business of chemistry.

In 1871 D.H. Cussons & Co. was located at 50 Hoghton st. Southport

In 1873 D.H. Cussons & Co. was recorded as a dealer in photographic goods as part of a in a law suit. Where D.H. Cussons & Co. was sued by a person called Harman over a carte-de-viste that Cusson's requested to be enlarged and coloured. Cussons alleged the work was poor.

In approximately 1876, D.H. Cussons & Co. published the "Photographers Almanac", which turned out to be a popular reference book.

In 1878 D.H. Cussons & Co. was located Birkdale Park, Southport. At this time D.H. Cusson's in association with A. Cowan patented a "photographic camera shutter", no. 2608 dated June 29, 1878. This was believed to be one of the first if not the first electro-magnetic shutter, being "open and closed by an electromagnet".

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