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  J. J. Atkinson

The Photographic firm of J. Atkinson was established in c1845 by John Atkinson Senior and located at 37 Manchester Street, Liverpool.

During the 1850s, John Atkinson or also referred to as J. J. Atkinson was a heavy importer of American made products and ephemera in what the Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography describes as an "American Photographic Store" in Liverpool. He imported the Scovill camera line where he was the sole English agent. He was one of the first to offer American made Union cases, he was a distributor for Dr. John Towler's book the Silver sunbeam, and also a distributor for the Photographic Times periodical. Atkinson also imported products from France including the Jarmin-Darlot lenses.

In 1857 J.J. Atkinson advertised the manufacture of "Atkinsons Portable Camera", one of the earliest makers to use the tail board construction.

In 1859, the company was described as a dealer and manufacturer. Several cameras bear his name with the label indicating J. J. Atkinson as "maker". In this year the company advertised the manufacture of 'Woodward Solar Camera, designed by D.A. Woodward of Baltimore. This camera enabled the artist to make quarter plate positive picture using a half-plate lens on ordinary chloride of silver paper.

In 1866 John Atkinson Senior retired from the business and his son John J. Atkinson continued managing the business.

In 1875 John Atkinson Senior, described as "Honest John" died. At this time, John J. Atkinson was listed as a wholesale and retail photographic warehouse and optical shop located at 33 and 37 W. Manchester St. Liverpool. It is believed that the 33 Manchester st. building was his stock house.

Mr. John J. Atkinson died on June 14th 1898 and the business was carried on by his son Frederick Atkinson.

In 1899 the business is Called Frederick Atkinson, Photographic Material Dealer, located at 66 Victoria St. in Liverpool.

In 1903, the business was incorporated as the Atkinson Brothers of Liverpool Limited with a capital of £1,500 in £1 shares by G.H. Atkinson to carry on the business of photographic materials, chemists, druggest, etc. at 66 Victoria St. in Liverpool.

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