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L. G. Kleffel und Sohn

L.G. Kleffel began his career in photography in 1858. He authored a descriptive handbook of practical photography in 1860 which documented the current experiences and improvements in addition to a detailed treatise on stereoscopy and Panotype. The firm was listed as "L. G. Kleffel und Sohn" located at Lindenstrasse 69, Berlin, Germany in 1888 as a general wholesale dealer. Also of note was that the firm represented Steinheil and Voightlander products. There is mention of a Adolf Kleffel as a manufacturer in the company and Kaufmann Kleffel also in the company during this later period.

L. G. Kleffel und Sohn manufactured or just sold a 13 x 18cm mahogany and brass field camera in circa 1890. It featured a horizontal format with a tapered bellows. It was fitted with either a Steinheil or Voigtlander lens.

Photo Courtesy of Dirk Bonnmann - © All Rights Reserved

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