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  Nodark Camera by Popular Photograph Company

The Nodark Camera (c1890) by manufactured and marketed by the Popular Photograph Company. It is one of the first cameras designed for the ferrotype process and one of the first to house 26 carte-de-vista sized glass plates along with developer and fixer inside the camera. As the name suggests, it required "No Dark" room to make a picture. It was a well made wood box camera that took 2½ x 3½ inch images. It featured two reflex finders, instantaneous shutter and a nickel plated handle and dial. the camera is 3 1/2 inches wide, 4 11/2 inches high and 12 inches long. The camera was advertised that you can take and finish a picture inside the camera while you wait. the price in 1900 was $6.00.

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Lady's Home Journal 1900

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