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Suter Hoch-Cartridge Camera

The Hoch-Cartridge Camera was manufactured by Optische Anstalt E. Suter of Basel, Switzerland in circa 1900. This standard folding camera was made in two sizes, an 8 x 10 cm and a 9 x 12 cm. Designed specially for roll films. The housing was made of wood with fine leather covering. The bellows was made of leather. The front bed and standard was made of aluminum. It provided rising, falling and lateral focus adjustment. Fitted with a compur shutter capable of speeds up to 1/250 of a second with manual and cable release. Tow lenses were available for this camera, a Suter Doppel-Anastigmat Series I F6.8 or a Suter Doppel-Plasmat f5.5.

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