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R.T. Adams Hand Camera

The R.T. Adams Hand Camera was manufactured by R. T. Adams and Company (Richard Thomas) of 573, 575, 577 Seven Sisters Rd., South Tottenham, London in circa 1898. R. T. Adams and Co. was a Wholesale supplier specializing in the manufacture of camera cases. In approximately 1889 the company sold cameras. The R.T. Adams Hand Camera was designed as a simple hand camera with a single lever on the side causing the plate that is in position to be exposed, then carried into the chamber below, and this movement also registers the exposure on the indicator and brings the next plate into position for exposure. The camera was covered in real morocco leather and has two finders. The Lens is fitted with an Iris diaphragm and there is a speed indicator to the time and instantaneous shutter. Since the camera was sold to the trade only it is probable that it was relabeled by the retailer or distributor. Price to trade was 32s 6d.

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