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  Pearsall's Compact Camera

The Persall Compact Camera is a historical camera for the 1880s. It was introduced in 1883 by G. F. E. Pearsall a photographic artist of Brooklyn New York, who want by his middle name of Frank.

The Compact camera was written as perhaps the most striking innovation yet attempted. Advertised as a new invention embodying every movement of the best intruments with several novel features of great value, such as the roller focusing screen in place of ground glass, a bellows hood for focusing (instead of the usual cloth), back, forward and side swing, a rifle sight for instantaneous shots dispensing with tripod, universal focus stop, vent tube, and many other new features. The ad goes on to describe the most important innovation that would be copied by all camera manufacturers into the 1920's, which is the self casing design. The camera is its own "carrying case", containing all the apparatus in one package, including lens, diaphrams, pneumatic shutter, and plate holders. The front of the box turning down at right angles for the bed of the camera. It is the most compact instrument made and the readiest in manipulation. The latest manufacture of the Compact camera can take single or stereoscopic pictures and kits are arranged for a variety of sizes with the same instrument.

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manufacturer and Builder, 1883
The new recreation, 1884
Amatuer Photographer, 1884
Scientific America, 1885

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