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  Wilby & Co. History & Camera Listing

The firm of Tattersall & Wilby was established at Thornton Grove Works, Armley near Leeds by William Leck Tattersall and Joseph Arthur Wilby in the early 1890s. The two men previously worked for Watkinson & Co. of Leeds, a camera manufacturer, before venturing out on their own. The firm was believed to be mainly wholesale manufacturing. In 1899 Mr. Gregson joined the firm to run the day to day business after leaving the same firm the founders left, Watkinson & Co. In September of 1900 Mr. Tattersall died and the firm continued under the name of Wilby & Co. In 1901 The firm sold their own branded "Wilco" cameras. Wilby & Co. ceased operations in approximately 1914.

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Wilco Camera

Wilco Stereo Camera

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