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  Aires Camera Company

The Aires Camera Industries Company, or K.K. Aires Shashinki Seisakusho of Tokyo, Japan, was established in 1952. The firm originally started as the Yallu Optical Co., but after the failed launch of a 35mm twin lens reflex camera, the firm ended the Yallu camera plans and changed its name to Aires with a new direction to manufacture traditional TLRs and 35mm roll film cameras. The firm ceased operations in 1960 due to bankruptcy.

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Aires 35-I
Aires 35-II
Aires 35-IIA
Aires 35-III
Aires 35-IIIA
Aires 35-IIIB
Aires 35-IIIC
Aires 35-IIIL
Aires 35-IIIS
Aires 35-IIISA
Aires 35 V
Aires Automat
Aires Ever
Aires M28
Aires Penta 35
Aires Penta 35 LM
Aires Radar-Eye
Aires Reflex
Aires Reflex 35
Aires Reflex 35 w/ Meter
Viscount M2.8

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