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  Altrincham Rubber Company

The Altrincham Rubber company was founded in 1901 by A. W. S. Sanderson on Grafton St. in the market town of Altrincham, England, near Manchester. The original staff consisted only of Mr. Sanderson and one assistant. The companies initial focus was on the manufacture of india-rubber goods and camera cases made of all kinds of materials and sizes. In 1902 the company grew so quickly to meet demand, that it had to expand. The company moved some operations into Mossburn buildings for manufacture and the Grafton St. premises were retained for office and retail purposes. An additional workshop was later opened near the offices in lower Grafton St. to produce roller blind shutters, time valves, squeegeeing pads, and other specialties. A London depot was opened in 1904. Some of the products the company made are the "Silentus" shutter, the "Sanderson" shutter, lens caps, shutter releases, double spray bellows and the company's own Nelson camera. A.R.C. were the British agents for the Sutter lenses. The company prospered into the mid 1900's.

Nelson Camera

The Nelson Camera was manufactured by the Altrincham Rubber Company in circa 1910. The camera was made of the best mahogany, perfectly seasoned by being stocked for 5 years in special drying rooms before manufacture. It was beautifully polished with full brassbound hardware to withstand any amount of hard wear. It featured a triple extension leather bellows, reversing back, swing back, turntable, rising and falling front, tripod and slides. It came wiht a time and instantaneous roller blind shutter with speed indicator and automatic timer. It provided speeds of 1/90, 1/75, 1/45, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, and 3 seconds. It was made on a quaarter plate, half plate, full plate, 10 x 8, 12 x 10 and 15 x 12 inches. Prices ranged from £4 10s to £19 15s.

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