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BACO Accessories Co. Camera Listing

The BACO Accessories Co. was incorporated in the state of California on January 9, 1947 and located at 5338 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, California. The Company was a manufacturer and dealer in an assortment of cameras and camera accessories like camera cases, tripods and film development equipment. A few of their accessory products included the extension tubes for close up work, a delayed action timer for shutters called the BACO Time-D-Lay adjustable from 1/2 second to a minute, BACO deluxe camera cases, Baco sheet film holders. Baco was acquired by Ries Tripod around 1970, believed to be for the Baco tripods and tripod heads. At that time of the purchase, Ries was also located in Hollywood catering to the film industry. Ries is still in business today with a factory in Washington state. BACO cameras are listed below.

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BACO Deluxe Press View

BACO Press Club

BACO Rilex

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