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  W.I. Chadwick history and cameras

William Isaac Chadwick was a teacher, lecturer, dealer and camera designer in the 1880 and 1890s. He was active in Manchester England. W. I. Chadwick is credited with rekindling the public's interest in stereo photography and in 1887 he started earliest Stereographic group in the world called The Stereoscopic club of Manchester. It lasted to 1905. In 1895 Chadwick sent a stereoscope to Her majesty the Queen and the Queen was so taken that she had a set of views specially prepared for use in her apparatus and Chadwick earned public favor upon this royal expression of approval.

In the 1890s W. I. Chadwick designed several cameras believed to be built by Billcliff. He did little advertising as his opinion was that it cut into profit, but when he did he used innovative approaches causing one author to describe him as the Arch-Joker and remarking "Who, now, will maintain that advertisements must be dull and dry reading". For examples Chadwick had an ad that said" We have a lot of the old pattern in stock that we shall be glad to sell at any price" and another that read "If the reader wants such things as 'the bridge is broken and I've come to mend it' or 'A night's adventure with a flee' our catalogue will be of no use."

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