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  Baldur Box camera (51, 51/2)

The Baldur Box camera was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon from 1933 to 1936. It was a well made box camera constructed with a two part metal case interlocked together. It was covered with imitation leather trim and the exposed metal parts finished in black enamel. It was fitted with a fixed focus Goerz Frontar Meniscus f11 lens. It also incorporated a handle, two view finders for vertical and horizontal images and two tripod sockets. The Baldur Box was made in two sizes, a 4.5 x 6cm size designated by Zeiss number of 51 and a 6 x 9cm size with Zeiss model number 51/2. Two less common variations were made similar to the Baldur box including the "Erabox" and the "Balilla".

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