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  Box Tengor

The Box Tengor was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon of Dresden, Germany from 1926 to 1952. It was a long running line of box cameras that had several variations over the years. The camera was constructed of a metal body and covered in leatherette. It was fitted with a fixed-focus Frontar F11 lens and a sector shutter with instantaneous and time settings. stops of f11, f16, f22. It featured two brilliant view-finders, a rear red window film exposure indicator, and a tripod socket.

Photos Courtesy of Rick Soloway and Wish-4-Leica - © All Rights Reserved

ModelMfg. DateSizeFilmDescription
541926 - 19564.5x6Diamond metal faceplate
54/21926 - 19346 x 9 cm120Plain leather front
54/21934 - 19386 x 9 cm120Diamond metal faceplate
54/141926 - 19335x7.5cm129Plain leather front
54/151926 - 19386.5x11cm116Plain leather front
54/181930 - 19383x4cm127Baby box tengor See Here
55/21930 - 19506 x 9 cm120Round metal faceplate - early black trim, late chrome
56/21951 - 19526 x 9 cm120Round metal faceplate with chrome trim.

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