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  Japy & Cie - Le Pascal Camera

The Le Pascal Camera was manufactured by Japy & Cie of France in circa 1899. The Japy company was founded by Francis Pascal and Izerable to manufacture watches and typewriters. However in March 6, 1899 the firm patents the Le Pascal box camera. The camera is made of wood and metal covered in leather. It takes twelve pictures 40 x 55 mm on special day-light loading roll film. The unique feature of this camera is a spring motorized film advance mechanism allowing for twelve continuous shots. The spring is wound with a key on the bottom of the camera and it advances the film after the shutter is released. It was fitted with an achromatic f12 69mm lens with three aperture stops or on special order a Zeiss Anastigmat. The simple shutter provided two instantaneous speeds, R for rapid and L for lente meaning slow, plus 'P for pose meaning bulb. Other features included a Newton finder and a frame counter located on the top of the camera.

Photo Courtesy of Stephane Blanvillain - © All Rights Reserved

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