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  Contaflex 126

Photo Courtesy of Alf Segaro - © Some Rights Reserved

The Contaflex 126 was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon from approximately 1967 to 1971. The camera was constructed with a metal body and covered in leather and plastic parts. As the name implies is used 12 roll film for capturing 28 x 28mm negatives. It was made with both a chrome finish and a black finish. It accepted 7 different interchangeable bayonet mount lenses made specifically for this camera. The camera was sold by itself with Zeiss no. 10.1100 or with a color pentar f2.8 45mm lens zeiss no. 10.1102, or with a Tessar f2.8 45mm. It featured an automatic iris diaphragm to f22, a pentaprism finder, a Depth-of-field scale, Iris diaphragm, focal-plane shutter providing speeds from 1/30 to 1/500 of a second, X and M flash synchronization, split-image rangefinder, auto-stop on film-advance, and a CdS through-the-lens metering that was coupled to shutter and aperture providing semi-automatic operation.

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